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Cyber Security Consultants

Who Are We?

CyberFly is an Australian Cyber Security Consultancy that provides software and hardware solutions to businesses in the Mount Gambier and Limestone Coast region of South Australia. Our core focus is on designing, developing and delivering innovative applications and services for our customers. From cloud computing to security consulting, we strive to provide the best possible solutions for our clients’ needs. We combine cutting-edge technology with a customer-centric approach, ensuring our clients get the best value for their money. Our team of experts provide top-notch technical and implementation services to ensure that customers can maximize the impact of our solutions. We are passionate about providing innovative solutions and great customer service, so our clients can focus on running their business more efficiently.

Hack Protection

We will look over your business and ensure that you're protected against tomorrows hackers.

Live Security

We implement security systems which we can monitor remotely and alert you when there is any suspicious traffic.

Firewall & VPN

We purchase, implement and configure Firewalls and VPN's to give your business the best level of protection.

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Security Training made simple

Keep yourself secure and protected, effortlessly

We offer Cyber Security Training and Awareness programs to help your staff identify hackers before they can compromise your systems. Speak to one of our Cyber Security Consultants today!
Threat protection

Stop hackers before they ever gain access

With secured Firewalls, VPN's, Intrusion Detection Systems and 24/7 Monitoring. You can rest assured that we can provide a solution that suits your business and keeps the bad guys out.
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Always protected

Complete online security, on all of your devices

During our consultation process we will ensure that all your devices are protected and secured from attackers. Give our Cyber Security Consultants a call today!
What we do

How we keep you protected

We believe that every company has different needs. We will only recommend what is necessary and avoid the need to purchase services that you don't need.

Virus Scanning

We can implement network-wide virus and malware scanning software to protect your whole network rather than just individual devices.

Bank Level Encryption

Sharing passwords with employees can be a bad idea. We can help you store your passwords securely and allow you to share them with employees without actually knowing the password.

Security Audits

A Security Audit will let you know what vulnerabilities your business has, we can perform both on premises and website security audits.

Security Analytics

Don't just take our word for it, Security Logs can tell you exactly what has been deflected from your network.

Global Monitoring

Some of our solutions allow you to monitor your business network from anywhere with an internet connection.

File Protection

Storing personal data is important when it comes to customer trust, and sometimes the Law. We have solutions to keep all your data secured.

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Protect your business from hackers with the cyber security consulting services of CyberFly in Mount Gambier. Get reliable and trusted advice from professionals to help keep your business safe.