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About Us

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We're keeping businesses safe online

Our goal is to keep Australian businesses safe online. Over 67,000 cybercrime reports were made to the ACSC during the 2020-2021 financial year. There is no better time to protect your business.


Cyber Crime Reports 2020-2021

$33 billion

Reported losses


Related to COVID-19 Pandemic


Reported Ransomware Attacks

Our approach

We think like hackers

During your initial consultation, we will take a look at your digital assets and make recommendations to further secure those assets. Our team are experienced in both Attack and Defend strategies meaning we can think as a hacker and ensure all your bases are covered.

The human element

Cyber Safe Training

Human error plays a significant part in keeping your business safe. That's why we provide high quality cyber security training for your staff and employees to ensure they have the upper hand when attackers are targeting them.

Our values


We provide authentic security solutions for your business and we wont settle for anything less


We are passionate about giving your staff and employees the best training possible to defend against hackers


We are committed to exploring all corners of your business to ensure that the right security services are provided and that nothing is overlooked.


Petru Tiglar

Petru Tiglar

Petru has been in the IT industry for almost 15 Years. He holds a Bachelor of Cyber Security and has taught Cyber Security at Victoria University. Petru has a wealth of knowledge in Cyber Security and Security Solutions.

Leon Mailfert

Technical Lead
Leon has a wealth of knowledge with Linux and Windows Operating systems, with a focus on security and testing, he will leave no stone unturned in his endeavor to ensure that your systems are safe and secure, by staying up to date with the latest threats and intelligence.

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