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Cyber Awareness Training

Qualified and Experienced trainers can train and raise awareness of cyber risks and mitigation strategies to all your employees lowering the risk of human error being the cause of your data breach. Our trainers have education experience and have worked for leading vocational education providers in Australia with a focus on Cyber Security. So you can rest assured that your staff are receiving a top notch education.


Vulnerability Scanning

CyberFly can scan your entire network for vulnerabilities, we can scan for unpatched software, services, equipment and even that “Smart Thermometer” you bought on wish last week. We’ll scan everything that a hacker would scan and identify the holes in your security before the bad guys do. We use industry leading tools and devices to ensure no stone is left unturned. 

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Security Auditing

So you think you have a secure network? Chances are you don’t!
CyberFly can audit the security policies and procedures of your organization and make recommended changes to your policies.

Does the CEO really need access to all those network shares?

Who do you think is most likely to be targeted by an attack?…


Security Monitoring

If an attacker breached your systems at 3am and exfiltrated all your data, would you know? 
Most organizations say they haven’t been hacked, but the chances are they have, they just don’t know it yet! CyberFly can implement network monitoring tools and monitor your network traffic for you. We can even notify you in the event that something does go wrong so you can get on top of to avoid severe damage to your organization, customer data and your reputation. 

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Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Further to Security Monitoring, there is also Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention better known as IDS & IPS. We can implement these services on your network which filter through traffic and ensure that data passing through your network is safe. We can detect when an intrusion has been made, and we can prevent intrusions using techniques such as Honey Pots and NextGen Firewalls. 


Penetration Testing

Can a hacker get into your network? Why not get a hacker to try?

CyberFly have a range of hacking tools and software that common hackers would use to get into your network. We’ll deliberately try to get into your network using all the tools in the box and ensure everything is locked down nice and tight.  

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Much More!

We can provide customized solutions for your business, get in contact with us for a consultation and we can discuss some solutions to your business problems.